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On May 19-20 were held sports and athletics competitions of schoolchildren of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Ruslan Naumov, 9 “A” class student, won 2nd prize in the 1500 m race, with the result of 4.18.84


On May 18, the closing ceremony of the 21st Sports Festival took place.  >>

 In April and May students of the 4th, 7th, 9th, 11th grades of the school “Turan Lyceum” took part in the competitions in the Presidential tests. The main goal of these competitions is to promote healthy lifestyle and determine the levels of fitness of students of different ages in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The students competed in running, long jump from the place, in throwing the ball, in pulling up and lifting up from the lying position. >>

At the end of April, in the sports hall was held a handball tournament among the teams of the 5th and 8th grades. Handball is a sports game that has common roots with football and basketball, and in terms of athleticism is close to rugby.   >>

On May 13-14 in Shymkent was held the Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan on track and field athletics among the older boys.

Ruslan Naumov, our student of 9 “A” class won 1st prize in the race for 1500 meters with the result of 4.19.89.  >>

On March 31 – April 1 “Almaty Open 2018” ball room dance international competition was held in “Dostyk” sports complex.  >>

On March 20, a handball tournament dedicated to Nauryz holiday was held among the teams of grades 3 and 4.  >>


March 16 – 18, in Karaganda city was held the “Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Sports Dance 2018”.

At this championship, Sergei Ufimtsev, a student of 5 A class, won the I prize.