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On May 18 was held an open lesson in 7 “B” class on the topic “The use of bacteria. The importance of bacteria in nature and in human life.”  >>

On May 15, in 1″A” class was held an open class on literacy on the theme “Which words denote the subject?”. The children worked with the word “word”. They spoke about the importance of the word in a person’s life.


On May 11, in 7″A” class was held meta-subject open class on algebra. The motto of the lesson was: “Whatever you study, you learn for yourself.” The lesson was held in a form of a journey. The students felt like passengers on a train; the class was divided into 3 carriages.   >>

May 4 in the preschool class was held an open lesson on the basics of reading and writing on the topic: “What are useful products? The children got acquainted with new sounds and letters.  >>

On April 18, in 2 A class was held an open lesson of literary reading “Wonders around us. The story of G. Snegirev “A wonderful boat”.   >>

On 16 March in 5B class was held the open lesson on the theme «Жұлдызды аспанның құпиясы. The mystery of stellar sky».   >>

On March 14, in 2 “B” class, was held an open lesson of the English language “Seasons”.   >>

On March 13 a teacher of PE Lyudmila Urazova held an open lesson in 4 “B” class on the topic “Games with movement”.   >>