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In elementary school introduced a course early learning English, choreography, chess.

In grades 5-9, study the following courses:

“Home Reading: English folk tale”;

  • «Challenges»;
  • «New Opportunities»;
  • “The development of speech”;
  • “Selected topics of mathematics.”

In grades 10-11 study the following courses:

  • «New Opportunities»;
  • «New Success»;
  • “Business Communication”;
  • «International Relations and Multilateral Diplomacy»;
  • “Russian spelling: spelling and punctuation”;
  • “The study of the complex course of algebra in high school.”

Cooperation with the mathematical department of correspondence schools specialized educational and scientific center of Novosibirsk State University.

Students of middle managers have the opportunity to learn a second foreign language – French or German.

Double Lyceum visited the First Lady of Kazakhstan Sara Nazarbayeva Alpysovna.

The school designed the structure of methodical service, where in the center – the scientific advisory board, the main objective of which – continuous improvement of qualification of teachers. Also, the structure of the methodical work includes the subject methodical department, through which the testing of new techniques and technologies of educational work, the organization of individual and mikrogruppovoy of teachers, preparation and conduct of outdoor activities, subject competitions, organization of research activities both teachers and students.

The aim of scientific and methodological assistance to the teacher at this stage – to create conditions for awareness and reflection on the motives, goals, values in the educational process, as well as the activation of professional self-determination.

We have organized training for teachers through the work of formation of the young school teacher, school teaching skills, theoretical seminars and workshops. Share the experience of the work of our school teachers have the opportunity during reports on the work on methodological topic at meetings of subject departments to open lessons, which is conducted annually, as well as seminars on school master classes, where there is the entire teaching staff. These seminars are held twice a year, and teachers have the opportunity to showcase their achievements to colleagues. Such lessons are a kind of generalization of experience of the teacher.

Successfully works Scientific Society lyceum (NOL), “Search”, which includes a variety of directions in research. Young researchers take an active part in city, republican competitions of scientific works, which were awarded with diplomas and certificates of honor.

In 2014, the school received the status of Turan Centre for Cambridge Exam Preparation «Cambridge English Preparation Center». Students 3 – 11 classes have the opportunity to pass exams by levels: YLE, KET, PET and FCE and get international certificates.

In order to increase among students of the Lyceum level of knowledge of the English language each year students led by teachers of English language schools travel to participating in educational programs in countries such as: USA, UK, Canada.

Educational work is aimed at developing students’ readiness to live in a constantly changing world, to be able to realize their abilities in any socially useful field. Teachers and students form a single educational space, which aims to transfer of experience from older to younger.

At the heart of the educational work of the school is “A comprehensive program of education in educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, the main purpose of which is the formation of Kazakhstan patriotism, citizenship, tolerance, spiritual and moral, physically healthy, socially active person, a willingness to participate in the cognitive and creative activities of students.

Educational work in the school is based on the following areas:

  • patriotic;
  • civil law;
  • spiritual and moral;
  • aesthetic;
  • HLS;
  • cognitive;
  • development of children’s self-government.

In high school student government body set up “Council of high school students.” The Council operates on the basis of the Regulation which reflects the purpose, objectives, basic principles of the Council.

The Board consists of 28 students of 5-11 grades. Annually the presidential elections of the Council of high school students, who heads the Student Self-Government.

The purpose of the Council – Implementation of the creative potential of every individual.


Expression of each lyceum student through participation in specific cases.

Ensuring cooperation between teachers and students.

Protecting the rights and interests of the students of the Lyceum expression.

Democratization and improvement of the educational process.

The school developed sectarian activities which contribute to the development of students’ individual abilities. Work mugs choreography, choir, vocal, drama studio, arts, ICT, chess and technology for girls pionerbol, football, karate. Choreographic group musical – choral studio and theatrical studio involved in all school concerts.

Children from the art studio are permanent participants and prize-winners of international competitions. Every year the school held city competition-exhibition of visual arts.

Much work is being done to preserve and strengthen the health of children, the development of interest in the sport and instilling healthy living habits. Conducted district and city sports activities, competitions, visiting Health Days.

The educational work of high school adheres to the idea of creating conditions for the establishment and disclosure of the identity of the child, respect for his rights, the development of tolerance, cultural, competitive and capable of socio-adapted personality, capable of success, positive socialization.