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Алматы, Казахстан.

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Middle and high school are attended by children of 5 -11 forms.

Building the student’s potential, we are preparing one for his/her future success. Our approach is different. Graduates enter the most powerful Kazakh, Russian and foreign universities.

In addition to the development of modern science and technology in middle and high school attention is paid to the development of a creative approach to academic disciplines, theoretical thinking, mastery of effective ways of thinking. We have created a model high school, allowing each student to realize their potential the most efficiently.

The content of education in primary and high school meets modern educational standards and requires a high level of integrity, comprehension, the ability of Learning students.

The school-lyceum “Turan” worked as a teacher of the highest qualification. All of them at the same time demanding and enthusiastic teachers, and friendly, genuinely fond of children and teachers. Teachers always find a contact with the child, allowing them to build the right line of work with him.

Students are given the opportunity to try their hand at various activities and areas of expertise. They deal with the teachers on a variety of additional educational subjects. Our teachers monitor both students comprehensive development program of the traditional classical education, and the development of versatile interests and creative abilities of students, formation of skills of independent learning and research activities.

Afternoon entirely devoted to the creative and physical development of children. Upon completion of basic training sessions students of the middle and high schools visited different sections, clubs, studios.