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The teaching staff of primary school – the teacher first and highest categories. Teachers of primary school are the authors of manuals, teaching materials, which are actively used during training.

Through properly organized lessons in the “complete school day” our students are not subject to overloading and tire less than in regular schools. 84% of elementary school students – “Excellent” and “good” pupils.  At the core training of younger schoolboys – Technology student-centered learning, the harmonious development of the personality, moral understanding of life through the development of the foundations of core competencies.

Since the first class the children learn English. Contribute to the harmonious development of children, and interesting activities in the afternoon. Students are engaged in choral studio, art studio, attend classes in choreography.

Sport in schools is also paid close attention to – the children can play football, play chess. Primary school pupils often go to the theater, museums, go on trips. The school traditionally held days of health and sport when parents, pupils and teachers are involved in team games and competitions.

Parents send a child to study at a school-lyceum “Turan”; can be calm for the learning process of their child and for the attitude of teachers.

The doors of the primary school are always open for children and their parents.