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“Teach a child to learn, to help him to become a disciple for the rest of life, and to see the joy in this is not easy … It’s quite possible, I assure you,” – writes in her book, “I read, I think, I write,” People’s Teacher of Russia Sofia Nikolaevna Lysenkova

The need for school education is known by, the parents tend to ensure that their child has gone to a good school where experienced teachers provide a high level of knowledge and friendly atmosphere. But whether it is necessary to prepare children for school? Do I need to teach them to read, count  and even write? The questions are rhetorical. Parents increasingly convince themselves: yes, it is necessary! But how and what exactly to teach? At what age to start teaching?

In the pre-primary grade school-lyceum “Turan” teachers and psychologists carry out full training children for school and purposeful development of memory, attention, logical and creative thinking, the development of speech areas to prepare children to the writing. Teaching children is based on the state program of Kazakhstan with authoring on the development of intelligence. Proposed early learning of Kazakh and English languages.

The pre-school class accepts children aged 6 years old.
Studying at the pre-school class the child learns:
• communicate with peers and adults;
• analyze, compare and synthesize concepts;
• quickly navigate the environment;
• easy to switch the attention and to focus;
• write in block letters, words and sentences;
• read with understanding, to expound the thoughts;
• solve simple math and logic components of the problem;
• remember the words, texts and drawings well.

The academic year in pre-school class is 9 months. Vacation mode of the secondary school. The days off – Saturday, Sunday.