ул. Мынбаева, дом 102
Алматы, Казахстан.

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The library of Turan School provides information and documentary support for the educational process and self-education of students and teachers. The library room contains the main fund: books, magazines, newspapers, CDs; a reading room for 20 seats. The library is equipped with modern multimedia facilities, including an 8 Tablet Acer PC, the TV LG Life’s Good SMART TV, HP monoblock, the copier, and the scanner.

Since January 2015 the library receives 74 newspapers and magazines:

The Kazakh language and literature

  • ?аза? тілі мен ?дебиеті
  • ?аза? тілі мен ?дебиеті  ?аза?, орыс сыныптарында
  • The Kazakh language and literature in the Russian school
  • The Kazakh and world literature: teaching at school

The English language

  • The English Language
  • Foreign Languages at School
  • Methodical Mosaic

The Russian language and literature

  • Literature at School
  • Literature Lessons
  • The Russian Language
  • Literature

Education and Pedagogics

  • Teacher of Kazakhstan
  • 12 years Education
  • Open School
  • Creative Pedagogics
  • Open lesson: methods, scenario, examples


  • Teacher of Almaty
  • Modern Teacher of the Republic
  • Teachers’ Newspaper
  • 1st September

Primary School

  • Primary School of Kazakhstan
  • Management of Primary School
  • Primary School Plus Before and After
  • Head Teacher of the Primary School
  • Primary School

School Management

  • School Principal
  • School Management
  • Head Teacher
  • Manual of Deputy of School Principal
  • Director of Studies on Educational Work

Psychology and Logopaedics 

  • Psychology
  • School Psychologist
  • Manual of Educational Psychologist
  • Journal of Psychologist-Practitioner
  • Psychology and School
  • Psychological Diagnosis 

PreSchool Education

  • Pre-school Education
  • Pre-school Upbringing
  • Pre-school upbringing and education

Academic subjects

  • Mathematics
  • Sport at School
  • Informatics
  • Biology
  • History of Kazakhstan: teaching at school and high school

Health and Life Protection

  • Children’s Health
  • Health
  • Valeology, health and life skills
  • Doctor, Speech Therapist, Psychologist: at school and kindergarten 


Class Management and Upbringing

  • Class Teacher
  • Homeroom Hour
  • Extra-curricular Work in Schools
  • Family and School
  • Celebration at School
  • Teachers Council
  • Farewell Bell
  • Self-Knowledge

Universal Publishing

  • Kazakhstanskaya Pravda
  • Vecherniy Almaty
  • Liter
  • Express & K
  • Komsomolskaya Pravda
  • Vremya Argumenty i Fakty


Library of Technology, Methods and Practices of Teaching Workshop for the Class Teacher 

Modern lesson: technology, methodology and practice of education Workshop for Deputy Director on Educational Work Library on Education ?management

The library fund has a large selection of literature on various branches of knowledge, reference books, encyclopedias, fiction and children’s literature (Kazakhstan National encyclopedia in Kazakh and Russian, Children’s BritannicaEncyclopedia for Children,  books series Famous People of the East).

The library is managed by Olga Kim.