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Formation and development of key competences of pupils in the humanities through the use of competency training technologies. 



Introduction in teaching practice of competency training technologies, contributing to the formation and development of students’ key competencies.


Theoretical study and practical use of innovative technologies in the humanities teaching of the humanities.

Increasing the lessons’ efficiency through the use of student-centered teaching.

Formation of informative interest of students to the study of the humanities.

Quality improvement of the work on preparation of students to the active and efficient participation in the Olympiads of different levels (teachers of the Russian language and literature, teacher of history).

Providing professional development of teachers through self-education, course training.

Organizing of the decade of humanities subjects (according to the specific plan).

Sharing the experience of teachers through various forms: seminars, teachers’ meetings, open lessons.

Attending the lessons with the purpose of improving pedagogical skills and continuity of teaching.

Further improvement of the literacy level of writing and reading through the use of modern technologies and teaching methods in all the humanities.

Orientation of the educational process to the results of unified national testing (UNT).

Publication of summaries of lessons, presentations at educational sites an in the methodological magazines.