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In the heart of the educational model of “Turan Lyceum” school are children with their own abilities and needs. We are confident that every child should be able to reveal the individuality, to realize its potential. The efforts of our highly professional team are aimed at this.

Many parents and teachers are worried about modern educational reforms. Indeed, educational programs today differ from the previous ones. However, the world has changed a lot and continues to change rapidly. You need to have the skills of a surfer in order not to drown in the flow of information in which our children will live. Former approaches do not solve this problem.

The teachers of our school understand that a new educational concept is a challenge to outdated professional thinking. We firmly adhere to the paradigm: changes need to start with ourselves. As Samuel Johnson remarked, “the fountain of success must hammer in us; he who is so ignorant of human nature that he is looking for happiness, changing everything but himself, will spend his life on fruitless efforts and multiply the evils from which he sought to get rid of. ”

Therefore, several years ago, the teaching staff of our school began to study, master and implement the principles of meta-subject, projects and other innovative technologies that are consistent with the main objectives of the renewed education. We are aimed to teach schoolchildren how to apply their knowledge in practice, and in the educational process we try to use as many child’s senses as possible.

To meet all the requirements of state educational standards, we have developed and implemented additional educational programs in all grades of “Turan Lyceum” school, for example, a program for in-depth study of the English language.

As part of this program, in addition to the state educational standard, additional courses were included. “Yazoo u Fly High Primary School Package for Kazakhstan” in grades 1–4, Practical English grammar in the 9th grades, Business Communication and International Relations and Multilateral Diplomacy in 10-11 grades. Besides that, a number of subjects of the natural science is taught in English. In 4-9 grades the discipline “Conversational English” is also taught by a native speaker – a teacher from the UK.

In order to overcome the “language barrier” and develop the ability to express thoughts in English, the “Speaking club” works for primary and secondary school students. The club works in cooperation with the Interpress International House language school, so children have the opportunity to meet native speaker teachers to assess their speaking abilities.

“Turan Lyceum” school has the status of the Cambridge English Preparation Center for preparing for Cambridge exams. For several years, our students have successfully passed these international exams, confirming the level of language proficiency; take an active part in competitions and contests, taking prizes. During the summer holidays, the children go with our teachers to foreign language courses and take part in educational programs in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Creative projects, theater and music productions, participation in the international annual conference TURAN MODEL UNITED NATIONS, meetings with foreign guests take an important place in the educational program in English.

At the same time, the teachers of the school decided to expand the range of educational services of the linguistic direction based on modern technologies, methods and information resources.  To provide an additional practice of listening skills is the pioneering “Linguistic gymnastics” project for Kazakhstan, which is integrated into educational programs in English, Kazakh and Russian.

In order to increase the motivation to learn the Kazakh language and develop the creative abilities of students at the school, the Tildesu speaking club works. Non-standard forms of classes allow students to improve their spoken language. Children learn to speak, sing songs in the Kazakh language.

With all the merits of the updated school curriculum, according to a number of teachers and parents, more attention should be paid to the grammar of the Russian language. Therefore, our teachers introduced such courses as “Basics of the schoolchild’s information culture” (1-4 grades), “Speech development” (5-8 grades), “Russian writing: spelling and punctuation” (10-11 grades).

The school has many extracurricular activities in the Kazakh and Russian languages ​​aimed at developing a high level of linguistic culture in our students, since this is one of the most important conditions for achieving success in the modern world.

The educational program in mathematics of our school also exceeds state standards due to the courses “Selected Mathematics” (5-9 grades) and “Studying complex topics of algebra in secondary school” (10-11 grades).

Children, especially motivated for in-depth study of mathematics and physics, study at the correspondence school of the specialized educational and scientific center of the Novosibirsk State University. All our children successfully cope with complex tasks and move from grade to grade. If necessary, we are always ready to help. They can consult a teacher of physics and mathematics.

After classes, children have an opportunity to realize themselves in various creative technical and sports clubs. For example, there are robotics and computer science clubs in the school. Those who wish have an opportunity to practice 3D modeling based on the City Scientific and Methodological Center for New Technologies in Education.

The school has such sports sections as chess, karate, football, basketball. Drama theater, choral, vocal and dance studios, piano class, “Inspiration” art studio, a handicraft studio, Museum of Military Glory are equally in demand.

There are many extracurricular activities. Some of them are traditional. For example, Day of Lyceum, Day of the Double, Day of Languages, Day of Health, Day of Tourism, etc. are very popular. The whole school participates in Sports Days and Subject Decades.

Each child has an opportunity to manifest and realize itself by building together with the teacher its own individual educational trajectory. After classes, there are self-preparation and remedial classes, elective classes on in-depth study of individual subjects (such as mathematics and physics, Kazakh, English and Russian). The scientific society of lyceum students “Search” is successfully operating. Many children are keen on project activities.

Project development is an entertaining and very useful thing. Our children are not only immersed in a scientific or social, and sometimes a business problem, but also learn how to work together as a team, manage themselves, rationally manage their time, find the correct information and work with it. This way they acquire vital skills that will help them be successful in adulthood. Teachers of the school act as their mentors, and the developers of social and business projects are additionally consulted by students of the Enactus Turan team – one of the best Kazakhstan teams.

The whole system of our work at school is aimed at developing leadership skills in children. We constantly improve the Student self-government, the Lyceum Council is actively working, trainings, forums and other events are regularly held to promote the child’s identity and the development of emotional and social intelligence. Some of the activities are implemented in conjunction with the staff and doctoral students of the Psychology department of Turan University.

We strive for a child in school to receive a competitive education, meet new friends, maintain health and psyche and just be happy. This, in our opinion, determines the quality of education.


The preschool works in full day mode. Children study, play, go in for physical culture, walk in the well-organized area of ​​the school, sleep and have 3 meals a day. The academic year is for 9 months. Holidays are in primary school mode.  The days off are Saturday and Sunday.

Teachers and psychologists carry out the full preparation of children for school; develop their memory, attention, logical and figurative thinking, and speech. They also prepare children for writing. Children learn to communicate with peers and adults; analyze, compare and synthesize concepts; quickly navigate the environment; easy to switch and focus attention; write in words and sentences; read with understanding, articulate your thoughts; solve simple, complex mathematical and logical problems; memorize words, texts and pictures well.

Education and upbringing of children is based on the state program of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the use of copyright developments on the development of intelligence. Early learning of Kazakh and English languages ​​is also proposed. In addition to the standard, the following courses were included: “Yazoo u Fly High Primary School pack for Kazakhstan”; “Seasons in music”; “I and the world around me” (group classes with a psychologist); “Classical dance”.

Primary School

When a child goes to the 1st grade, it is very important to assess the degree of his readiness for school correctly. The ability to read and count does not mean that the child will feel comfortable in the classroom. Highly qualified teachers and employees of the psychological, medical and educational service will help to understand this.

Classes in primary school are in full-time school mode. The timetable is carefully thought out in order to ensure high efficiency of the educational process: maximum results in the absence of overloads, stressful situations and minimal fatigue of children.

The basis of teaching younger schoolchildren is the technology of person-centered learning, the harmonious development of the personality, the moral understanding of life through the development of the foundations of basic competences.

In grades 1-4, in addition to the standard, courses there are “Yazoo u Fly High Primary School pack for Kazakhstan”, “Painting”, “Chess”, “Classical dance”.

Secondary and high school

In addition to mastering the fundamentals of modern science and technology, in secondary and high school, we pay close attention to the development of the creative potential of students and the mastery of effective ways of thinking. The content of education in secondary and high school meets modern educational standards and implies a high level of integrity, meaningfulness, and the ability of students to assimilate educational material.

In grades 5-9, the following courses are studied:

  • “Practical grammar” (English – 9 grades);
  • “Speech development” ( the Russian language in grades 5-8);
  • “Selected Mathematical Issues” (grades 5-9);
  • «Natural Science» (grades 5-6);
  • “Chemistry in English” Chemistry (grades 8-9).

The following courses are taught in grades 10-11:

  • “Business Communication”;
  • “International Relations and Multilateral Diplomacy”;
  • “Chemistry in English” y
  • “Russian writing: spelling and punctuation”;
  • “The study of complex topics of the algebra course in secondary school.”