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Headmaster’s greeting

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  2. Headmaster’s greeting


I am delighted that you are interested in our website. With my pleasure I will share the information about the main directions of one of the big educational corporations “Turan”. I hope that the  acquaintance with our school will  not only be interesting but useful.

The School “Turan” was opened  in 1996 and let to keep in touch with those who are interested. “Turan” is the school of equal and at the same time different opportunities. We  believe that there are not unsuccessful people.  Successful can be anyone if there are appropriate conditions. Our school is the establishment of the Success: we do not fight with the weak  sides of our students  but we develop their strong  sides. The main aim of our school is to develop the creative and intellectual potential of each our student.

The teaching staff of the school is the union of the professionals. The  integral  educational  and educative system was created during the years of the collaborative work.  All teachers by  integrating the game activities in teaching process  understand clearly that that the process of study is not an entertainment. It is the socially important sometimes monotonous, mechanically hard  and responsible and at the same time interesting, jolly and thankful WORK. This is the WORK which demands efforts, mobilization and  self-devotion. The child must see the direct connection between the present progress in study and the further career development.  To teach to be a hardworking student is the extra important goal of the teaching staff.

The content and technology of the education is not just the kit of the school subjects. It is mainly the important characteristic of the education which determines the every single student’s development and his type if thinking. So that,  music and dance, art and karate, chess and theater harmoniously support the student’s education.  The school “Turan” has the positive atmosphere of the teachers, students and their parents’ close cooperation.  The school “Turan” differs from the other private educational establishments. The process of study in our school is not only the quality teaching but it includes the going out to camping, the issue of the school magazine “Лицей”, concerts, festivals, creative activities and sport competitions. The school is open to parents and is ready for intensive informational exchange and presentation the enough possibilities to manage the school. That is why it is important for us when the acquaintance with the parents starts before the school’s first day. In our site the parents can familiarize themselves with the structure of the school, the study conditions, the students  and teachers’ achievements, the school news and plans.

I believe our site will become the place for constructive communication and hope that the circle of our friends and social partners will be constantly extended. We invite you and your friends to visit our informational recourse, to participate in our school life.

Your questions and offers you can leave in the guest book or in the forum. Let’s  grow together and at the same time to stay young in our minds for long time years.  Let our communication makes you optimist and gives you confidence, helps you to solve the modern life’s problems and to understand better yourself and surroundings!

   Sincerely yours,

Gulnar Iskakova, Headmaster