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The Great Patriotic War. Years of hardship … The scars in the hearts of wounded people… Families who have lost a husband, a brother, a son … War … It is impossible to find words that could assess the feat of  people who defended their Motherland. Time goes forward, the clock can not be stopped. A year, two, ten years … A series of endless days … But what happened in 1941, inscribed forever in the history of the country, in the annals of almost every family. This track is not subject to time. The memory of the war … It will not be erased by the years, it is eternal. May 9 is a special and sacred day. We bow our heads in front of people who not only fought, but worked hard for the victory in the rear, bringing light in May 1945. On that memorable May passed more than half a century. New generations have grown. For them, the Great Patriotic War – distant history. But conscience and duty to the dead and the survivors of the war should not let us forget the heroic and tragic page of the annals of our history. Action Team in the face of a history teacher Zheniskyzy AJ, lyceum students Vologina Vitaly and Yusupova Diana supported by the administration of the lyceum “Turan” and teacher Dautova TK 2014 was created Museum of Military Glory. This idea inspired the students and staff of the Lyceum, which have contributed to the completion of the base of the museum, providing information about relatives who were participants in the war and labor rear.

Museum of Military Glory is constantly updated. Each Lyceum student and teacher can fully fund the museum information about his family


No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten


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