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  May 24, 2018 was held a wonderful holiday, which was attended by 4th grade students, parents, teachers and administration of the school “Turan Lyceum”.  >>

On May 23 in the preschool class was organized a matinee “We are future first-graders”.   >>

May 22 was held an open class hour “Saying goodbye to school!” in 11 “A” class.   >>

On May 19, the team of school “Tuarn Lyceum” took another rafting along the Ili River. The weather was fine and sunny, the light breeze blew sometimes. Quiet water and rapids,​​splashes of water, competitions between rafts, and adrenaline made each participant feel independent and strong. Beautiful landscapes created good mood, and gave a lot of positive emotions to everyone.  >>

 On May 18, the premiere of the performance “A sad puppy Kuzya and others” was held, in which students of grades 5-9 (18 people) took part.   >>

On May 11 the students of grades 1, 6-10 staged a performance based on the plot of the world-famous musical The Sound of Music.   >>

 On May 8 at our school took place a meeting of our 9-11 grades students with Chinese children. A delegation of 28 students from the colleges of the Vocational Training Council and 4 teachers came from Hong Kong in the framework of international cooperation program.    >>

On May 5, the school students took part in the charity action “Aid to the veteran of the Great Patriotic War”.

The veterans of the war were congratulated by the children, and each war veteran and veteran of the labor front got presents, products and financial aid.


On Saturdays, Turan University conducts trainings on vocational guidance for students of the 9, 11 grades.

Trainer-psychologist – a graduate of our school Rustam Sain.


On May 4 was held a history quest “We Keep the Great Victory in our Hearts”, dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany. The purpose of the event was to keep historical memory of the events of the Great Patriotic War, raise among young people patriotism and a sense of pride for the historical past of the country. Students of grades 7-11 took part in the quest.    >>

Laying flowers at the Eternal Flame, dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of the Great Victory

On May 4, the lyceum students laid flowers at the monument “Memorial of Glory” in the park of 28 Panfilov heroes.


  On May 3, a meeting-concert “Let’s remember all the names …” was held at the Lyceum, dedicated to the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War. The memory of the event that changed the destiny of mankind does not go away with the generation that fell to be a participant and witness of this event.

On May 3 in our school was held a battle “Train your brain” among the pupils of grades 3-4.  The children The guys with great pleasure solved puzzles of different levels of difficulty and competed with each other.   >>

On April 12, an interactive theater performance “The Legend of the Tulip” dedicated to Nauryz holiday was held for primary school children.    >>

Year 2018 was a jubilee year for the school “Turan Lyceum”. Tenth year in a row the school hosted the International Contest of Children’s Artwork “I love drawing …” The theme of this year contest was: “The Earth is our home.” Young artists from cities of Russia and Kazakhstan took part in the competition.  >>