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About School

Lyceum “Turan” – secondary educational institution, established on the basis of the university “Turan” in 1996.

The main goal of educational corporation “Turan” as a voluntary association of higher, secondary vocational and secondary educational institutions, research centers and public organizations is to create a unique integrated environment accumulation of knowledge, competencies and skills to prepare demanded specialists in various fields based on creativity, material-technical, financial and organizational resources.

State license: Series AA-5 number 0163666, General, for an indefinite time.

Language: Russian.

Education of students is conducted by the working curriculum, based on SES, approved by Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 23.08.2012g №1080, training programs, approved by the order of MES RK №115 from April 3, 2013.

Material and technical base: its own building and protected area; modern sports complex (sports and dance halls, football field, basketball, volleyball and a playground); interactive equipment; rich book fund.

Teaching staff has a high level of professional competence, the ability to work within the framework of person-centered education paradigm.

Graduate model: a young citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which has declared the state set of core competencies.

Psychological, medical and pedagogical support of the educational process is carried out based on individual psycho-physical and age features of pupils.

State license: Series AA-5 number 0163666
General, for an indefinite time.

Founded: 1996

Study purpose: creating environment for development of competent personality, that is ready to act in modern environment.

Admission form: testing and interviewing.


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The mission of the school:  a multicultural educational complex “lyceum-university” is a place for the formation of a creative, self-developing, professionally oriented person ready to act in the current economic conditions.
Goals: to create optimal conditions for a multilevel approach to the personal development of students and  pre-university training.
  • to motivate learning, the development of learning needs;
  • education of pupils on humanistic ideals and traditions of national and world culture;
  • expansion of basic education component and the integration of school and higher education.

The entire process of education in the Lyceum is designed in such a way that the interest in the knowledge of our children has not been lost since the very beginning of the educational process.

Olifer Arina’s mother, 2 “B” class
Апрель 2017г.

Headmaster of “Turan” School-Liceym


I am delighted that you are interested in our website. With my pleasure I will share the information about the main directions of one of the big educational corporations “Turan”. I hope that the  acquaintance with our school will  not only be interesting but useful.