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Emotional intelligence, which has been talked about a lot lately, is not only the ability to control one’s feelings, but also the ability to understand other people. How to learn to recognize other people’s experiences? And why is empathy the key to success?

Empathy (Greek “empatheia” – empathy, sympathy) – a conscious understanding of the inner world or emotional state of another person. Accordingly, an empath called a person who has the ability to determine the mood of the interlocutor.

In the work of a school psychologist, empathy skills are especially needed: it is important not only to understand the feelings of others, but also to teach these skills to children, parents and teachers.

On February 27-28, psychologists of the service of the school O.V. Ivanova and M.Kh. Ruzieva passed a two-day training on the topic of “empathy”.

The training program is certified by the international psychotherapeutic organization RAGAMUFFIN International. Host: Keith Loring -an English psychologist and arts psychotherapist; UK certified and registered clinical supervisor, trainer, consultant; co-founder and co-director of the humanitarian organization RAGAMUFFIN International.

During those days, important aspects of the development of cognitive and emotional empathy were studied, which will later be useful in working with children, parents and teachers.