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Psychological service of the school organized a Reverse tournament among students of grades 5-9.

“What is this “Reverse”?” – you can ask. This game, which appeared in the arsenal of psychologists relatively recently, but has already managed to captivate both children and adults.

Reverse (the correct name is Othello) is a board game for two people. The game uses a 8×8 square board and 64 special pieces, painted from different sides in contrasting colors, for example, white and black. Reverse was invented in Great Britain in 1880 and was very popular, but was later forgotten. It was revived in Japan, where in 1971 it became popular again under the name Othello. Since 1977, Reverse World Championships have been held regularly. We analyzed the statistics and were pleasantly surprised that in 42 years the Japanese have become world champions 30 times! Well, the champions of Turan Lyceum are:

  1. Michael Stalmokov, 9 A – I place.
  2. Aida Kaimbaeva, 5 B – II place.
  3. Yaroslava Pukhnacheva, 5 C – III place.