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Do I have to worry about the mood of the child at school? Or is it not important? Someone will say that the main thing is his or her behavior and diligence. I do not argue. Behavior and diligence in learning are very important and require some effort from students and teachers. The atmosphere, which makes children happy, friendly, can help to find friends, learn to communicate and just be happy. A child spends too much time at school to neglect such categories.

Moreover, on creating a good mood you need to work hard. Here our children came up with, for example, once a month to arrange thematic days.

It is overcast, then rain, then snow … little sun! To us southerners it is on the verge of a catastrophe.

“And let’s arrange the day “The color of the mood is yellow”, suggested activists from the Lyceum Council. “And let’s”, replied the teachers, “let the lyceum be filled with sunny color, everyone will have a sunny mood.”

And you know, it worked!