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According to the tradition that has developed in the lyceum, the competition “Student of the Year-2019” took place in several stages. And in the finals of the competition there were 20 of the best lyceum students of grades 5–10.This year’s final tour is dedicated to the Day of Cosmonautics. “Space” has become the main theme of the children’s speech in oratorical eloquence. Space has always attracted man, this is an amazing place with a huge number of planets and stars, galaxies and black holes, unexplored until now.

The international space station Baikonur is located in Kazakhstan, it was from here that our cosmonauts made their first flight into space. Yuri Gagarin was the first astronaut to fly into space. This event took place on April 12, 1961. Since then, this day is considered the Day of Cosmonautics. The first cosmonaut of the Republic of Kazakhstan was Tokhtar Aubakirov, “Halyk kagarmany”. And we are proud that our country is a place of great events known to the whole world – the exploration of space.

The participants of the competition “Student of the Year-2019” performed in three age categories and on certain topics:

  1. “One day in space” – 5-6 grades;
  2. “Why is space so interesting?” -7-8 grades;
  3. “Space exploration: is it a waste of time and money?” -9-10 grades.

The contestants showed their erudition, propensity for self-development, good memory, confidence and culture. Possession of oratory is one of the most valuable skills that helps the contestants to beautifully and competently convey their thoughts to a wide audience. During the performance the participants met certain criteria that the competent jury assessed.

The competition “Pupil of the Year-2019” has been completed. The winners have been defined – they are talented and gifted children, the pride of our lyceum!

The winners of the competition “Student of the year-2019”:

Grades 5-6:

1st place – Daniel Gerassimov, a student of Class 5 A;

2nd place – Yasmin Ismailova, a student of Class 5 B;

3rd place – Artyom Petrov, a student of Class 5 C.


Grades 7-8:

1st place – Artyom Gavryushin, a student of Class 8 A;

2nd place – Alina Astanina, a student of Class 7 A;

3rd place – Shahlo Khushvaktova, a student of Class 8 B.


Grades 9-10:

1st place – Dilnaz Toktarova,a  student of Class 9 A;

2nd place – Іnzhu Yқsan, a student of Class 9 A;

3rd place – Laura Khasenova, a student of Class 10 A.


Congratulations to the winners! You’ve reached the final! Congratulations to you! Believe in yourself and strive for success!