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On January 27th, the annual Toshiro karate tournament was held, in which 520 fighters from Kazakhstan and neighboring countries took part.

The teams represented at the tournament consisted of high-level professionals. And it is very pleasant that among the winners were students of our lyceum.

  • Katerina Belova and Zakhar Smirnov – 2nd prize.
  • Yury Igumnov – 1st prize.

This tournament is famous for the fact that adults and veterans also take part in it.

And in this category, we showed remarkable results:

  • Yevgeny Igumnov (father of Yuri and Vlad Igumnov) – 2nd prize.
  • Tatiana Tsoi (mother of Maxim and Mia Tsoi) – 2nd place and the prize “Best Fighter of the Tournament”.
  • Eugene Belov (Darya and Katerina Belov’s father) – 1st prize.

We are very proud of the success of our students and their parents!