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On October 2, a leadership training was held for students who will be active in the lyceum council. HR-expert, business coach, coach Dana Ferber was invited especially for this.

The main tasks that were solved at the training:

* Formation of activists ‘ idea of leadership.

* Awareness and expression of their strengths, activation of the ability.

* Development of leadership skills and abilities, leadership potential.

* Formation of the ability to work in a team.

* Decision-making skills and responsibility for them.

During the training, all participants actively participated in all games and exercises. The participants learned about the qualities of a leader, about the ability to work effectively in a team, how to achieve the goal together.

The atmosphere of the training allowed all participants not only to learn something new, but also charged with positive emotions and  a positive attitude.

In the future, it is planned to continue work with the asset of the Lyceum Council (master classes, field trainings).