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Training for high school students “Forward to the goal!”

Training for high school students "Forward to the goal!"

On November 16, 2018 a training for high school students” Forward to the goal! ”  was held at school “Turan Lyceum”.

The main goal of the training is to teach the basics of productive goal setting.

During the training, our psychologists O. Ivanova and M.Ruzieva shared with students various techniques and exercises for effective goal setting and its achievement. The children learned about such techniques as “SMART-goal-setting”, about the types of planning (short-term, medium-term, long-term).  The psychologists named the tools that most simply and quickly lead to the achievement of the goal. During the training, the students not only listened, but also practically applied the useful information in various exercises. In the future, it is planned to conduct individual consultations on this topic among students of the school.

 The PHC of “Turan Lyceum” school