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The first quarter of the 2017-2018 school year in our school finalized with the methodological workshop “Implementation of the metaprojective approach in the context of transition to the updated content of education” held on October 28.

Teachers of primary school and of the Kazakh and English languages ​​shared their vision of implementing metaprojective approach in the lessons that facilitate the development of creative thinking of students. The seminar attendees saw different forms of lessons: “lesson-game”, “lesson of open thoughts”, “lesson-conversation”.

The lesson of mathematics in the 3B form on the topic “Actions within 1000” (teacher N.E. Yuzipenko), was aimed not only to consolidation of the ability to operate with three-digit numerals, but also had a metaprojective goal – to consider happiness as a universal value. Throughout the lesson, the children developed their own meaningful choice and attitude to certain issues and actions. 3rd-graders learned to formulate their thoughts, draw conclusions, monitor, correct and evaluate their actions. At the conclusion of the lesson, the children made an attempt to create their own model of happiness and depict it in the form of one of the geometric figures, different symbols and words.

At the lesson of English in 11A form on the topic “Why do I learn English?” (teacher N.N. Dmitriyeva) the students were discussing the role of English in the process of cross-cultural communication.  They systematized their knowledge of mechanisms of learning foreign languages and gave practical recommendations how to make the process of studying the English language efficient.  The children also determined for themselves the purpose of studying English, as well as discussed what linguistic means are used for the successful communication with people of different cultures.


The lesson of the Kazakh language in the 4A form on the topic “Our flag” (teacher A.S. Altynbekova) began with the game “Repeat and Think”, which contributed not only to the activation of the vocabulary of students, but also created a favorable psychological environment. Students formulated the topic of the lesson and set goals. The variety of creative tasks allowed the teacher to organize work on the development of all types of speech activity and to arouse students’ interest in the topic. Children not only learned about the flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also got acquainted with the meaning of the elements on the flag of our country and other countries and learned a lot of interesting information. Summing up the lesson with the help of a table and a cluster, the students demonstrated their good knowledge of the Kazakh language.

During the analysis of the lessons the present teachers noted that meta-subject lesson has a big potential, since it is based on important concepts, values, problems and situations on which objective knowledge is oriented.