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Do you know what the main skills for effective team building are?

There are different areas of human activity in which success comes, as a rule, to singles. Examples: painting, composing music, writing, solo figure skating, etc.

However, in the overwhelming majority of cases, and especially at school, the well-being of students is ensured through the coordinated efforts of a cohesive team. You can gather a group of people with high professional skills who have the ability to adapt in a team, but this will not be an effective team if you do not invest time and energy in rallying and uniting the efforts of each team member.

On spring holidays (March, 27 and 29) our teachers learned how it is possible not only to work in a team themselves, but also how to organize a student team in such a way that each student is comfortable in it.

Dana Ferber, HR-expert, a business coach, conducted workshops for teachers of Turan Lyceum, where teachers learned about team roles and their distribution in the team.

A team is not what we are at work, but what we create in its process!