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The 25th of January.

The play of Bernard Shaw “Pygmalion”

If ‘Pygmalion’ is not good enough for your friends

with their own verbal music, their talent must be altogether extraordinary.

George Bernard Shaw

London. Summer evening.  It pours. Passers-by, hurrying to take shelter from the rain, run to the Covent Garden market and to the portico of the cathedral of St. Paul’s.  Everyone except the man with a notebook, eagerly peers into the streams of rain … What happens next? Pupils of classes 11 A, 10 A, 8 A, 8 B told us about this.

Colonel Pickering’s casual acquaintance (Almas Kamalov, 10 “A”) with phonetics professor Henry Higgins (Mikhail Gorbachev, 10 “A”), betting that using phonetics from the simple flower girl Eliza Doolittle (Aima Omarova, 10 “A”) Higgins will make a noble lady, the metamorphosis occurring in the character of Eliza, carried the audience into the world of the English language and interpersonal relationships.

The performance was opened by the dance of Pygmalion and Galatei performed by students of the class 8 B Polina Ozhereleva and Batyrkhan Alimbekov. Throughout the play, the audience was accompanied by the story of the author (Dmitry Vinogradov, 11 A.

Постановку открыл танец Пигмалиона и Галатеи в исполнении учащихся 8 «Б» класса Полины Ожерельевой и Батырхана Алимбекова.  На протяжении всей пьесы зрителей сопровождало повествование автора в исполнении Дмитрия Виноградова из 11 «А».