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The festive performance “Nauryz Around the Planet!”

The festive performance "Nauryz Around the Planet!"


On April 13, there was a school-wide event dedicated to Nauryz. The holiday began with the viewing of the documentary “Nauryz – a holiday of renewal and the beginning of a new life”. Students of the lyceum received detailed information about this holiday, the origin of which goes back to the distant past. We did not know anything about Nauryz for a long time. The holiday was turned like an old carpet and hidden away. And when it was taken out and unfolded, everyone just gasped: this holiday was so bright, beautiful, cheerful and interesting. Nauryz, the most ancient holiday of the Oriental peoples, begins on the night of 21 to 22 March, the day of the vernal equinox and lasts exactly one month. Nowadays, the holiday is celebrated almost all over the world. Students of grades 8-10 have prepared a wonderful presentation “Nauryz around the planet”.  They told how Nauryz is celebrated in Iran, Afghanistan, Albania, Macedonia, Turkey, China, India and Tatarstan. The information was very useful and informative: the students got acquainted with the traditions and customs of the celebration of Nauryz, how people dress and what dishes are prepared on this day. The holiday ended with a flash mob on the song “Nauryz”, which was performed by the dance studio of the Lyceum and the vocal group of the lyceum. The celebration was followed by a tea party in the school canteen. Наурыз құтты болсын! Аман сау болыныздар!