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On February 25, 2019, pupils of grades 5–7 of Turan Lyceum School took part in the annual, already 20th in a row, conference of the scientific society SEARCH.

The members of the expert group were to determine the best works for participation in the city competition “Turan school science project” – 2019.

The chairman of the expert group is Islamgulova S.К., the director of Turan Lyceum School, the professor of the department “Psychology” of Turan University, the professor of pedagogical sciences.

Expert Group Members:

  • L.I. Rukavitsyna – Deputy Director of Turan Lyceum School
  • N.B. Rodomanova – Deputy Director of Turan Lyceum School
  • Z.A. Ermukhanova – Head of the Kazakh language department at Turan Lyceum School
  • T.V. Kalacheva – psychologist of Turan Lyceum School


6 projects were presented for discussion in the following sections:

Linguistics (the Kazakh language):

Online exercises on the use of active verbs of the Kazakh language

Team of students: Anna Kim and Dilnaz Usenova (Class 7A).

The scientific adviser is Ainur Ilbitayeva, a teacher of the Kazakh language and literature.

Linguistics (English):

English inscriptions on clothes as a linguistic and cultural factor affecting adolescents

Pupil of Class 5 A – Erica Timchenko

Supervisor – Elena Vladimirovna Parfenova, an English teacher.

English idioms as a reflection of the realities of national and historical identity of native speakers

Team of students (Class 5 B): Elizaveta Tushina, Anna Gorbacheva, Elizaveta Gorbacheva

Supervisor – Oksana Vladimirovna Shtefan, an English teacher

Linguistics (the Russian language and literature):

Electronic disk “Collection of rare myths of the peoples of the world”

Pupil of Class 6 A – Aisulu Alishpanova

Supervisor – Irina Alekseevna Potredyonaya, a teacher of the Russian language and literature


Emotional intelligence of first graders as a factor in successful adaptation at school

Pupil of Class 7 B – Darina Tyan

Supervisor – Oksana Vladimirovna Ivanova, a school psychologist


The Magic World of Puppet Theater

Pupil of Class 7 A – Elizaveta Sotnikova

Supervisor – Lyazzat Sembayevna Omarova, a technology teacher

During the discussion, each project was given an objective assessment, recommendations for adjustments and preparation for the city competition. The project “The Magic World of Puppet Theater” was recommended for participation in the city competition “Turan-junior-2019”. The rest of the projects will be presented at the contest “Turan school science projeсt” – 2019. All students and their teachers wished VICTORIES for the upcoming city tour!