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In the annual city competition “TURAN SCHOOL SCIENCE PROJECT – 2019” students of our school took part in the sections “Kazakh philology and literature”, “Russian philology and literature”, “English philology and linguistics”, “Psychology”. The age category  is 5-8 graders. In total there were 5 projects. Four of them took prizes, one project was awarded the nomination.

I place was taken by a team of pupils of Class the 5B: Elizaveta Tushina, Anna Gorbacheva, Elizaveta Gorbacheva with the project “English Idioms as a reflection of the realities of national and historical originality of native speakers” (supervisor Oksana Vladimirovna Shtefan, the teacher of English).

III place:

  • a group of students of Class 7 A Anna Kim and Dilnaz Usenova with the project “Online exercises on the use of active verbs of the Kazakh language” (supervisor – Aynur Zhanabayevna Ilbitayeva, the teacher of the Kazakh language and literature);
  • Aisulu Alishpanova, a pupil of Class 6 A, with the project “An electronic disk with the collection of rare myths of the peoples of the world” (supervisor – Irina Alekseevna Potredyonaya, the teacher of the Russian language and literature);
  • Darina Tyan, a pupil of Class 7 B, with the project “Emotional intelligence of first-graders as a factor of successful adaptation in school” (supervisor – Oksana Vladimirovna Ivanova, the school psychologist)

The nomination “For originality of a scientific project” was awarded to Erica Timchenko, a student of Class 5 A, for the project “English inscriptions on clothes as a linguistic and cultural factor affecting adolescents” (supervisor – Elena Vladimirovna Parfyonova, the teacher of English).

For the second year, high school students take part in the city competition of business and social projects “Turan — junior”.

In the section “Own business (business start-up)”, “New environment” six projects were presented. All won prizes.

I place:

  • Elizaveta Sotnikova, a student of Class the 7A, with the project “The Magic World of the Puppet Theater” (supervisor – Lyazzat Sembaevna Omarova);
  • a group of students of Class 10 A Marcel Sagandykov and Veronika Ten with the project ” Website “Museum of Military Glory”(supervisor – Asem Zheniskisy, the history teacher);

II place:

  • A team of students in grades 10-11 Almas Kamalov, Rustem Kamalidenov, Ruslan Kasenov, Dmitry Vinogradov with the project “Online simulator “SIGHT INSIGHT”as a tool for earning and developing linguistic competencies” (Natalia Nikolayevna Dmitrieva, the teacher of English);
  • Anastasia Klyakhina, a student of Class 10 A, with the project “Website “Excellent” for everyone who wants to know the history of Kazakhstan” – (scientific supervisor Asem Zheniskiszy, the history teacher).

III place:

  • Eduard Vyazmin, a student of Class 9 A, with the project “Colors in your name” (scientific supervisor Larisa Leonidovna Noskova, the physics teacher);
  • Laylo Khushvaktova, student of Class 9 B, with the project “Growing and selling oyster mushrooms” (supervisor – Oksana Yuryevna Akisheva, the teacher of biology).

In the “Civil Initiative” section, one project was presented, which took the first place. This is a project of Dmitry Bodnar, a student of Class 11 A, “Safety in the city: people and animals” (supervisor Oksana Vladimirovna Ivanova, the school psychologist).

In the section “Healthy and safe lifestyle” there was one project, which took the second place. This is a project of Nawalle Kadyrbekova, a student of Class 8 A, “Dereu” Neourna “(supervisor – Dina Viktorovna Rusakova, the school psychologist).

You children are taking the first steps towards research and discovery. We wish that your interest in scientific activity does not leave you not only during your school years, but also during the years of further study. Learning, discipline and hard work are the way to success!