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Hooray! Here came the long-awaited spring holidays! Observing the good traditions of our school, several times a year, we will go on excursion tours with a large and friendly Turanian family.

On March 23, we had a planned 5-day trip to the cities of Uzbekistan: Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara. Therefore, everyone was looking forward to the end of the third term.

Now the time has come, the large group has gathered: 41 students, 4 teachers, a doctor and parents.

We went by train to the treasury of architectural monuments and to the center of the legendary Silk Road – Uzbekistan. The trip was a success! There we saw the mysterious Ancient East, plunged into an oriental fairytale, tried real Uzbek pilaf and learned how to bargain in the bazaars. The faces of the children sparkled with happiness and positive emotions. The atmosphere was family-friendly and, despite the fact that the group was of different ages, everyone helped each other.

For children it was very important to feel independent. They approached with great responsibility the choice of gifts for their loved ones. Choosing souvenirs, they consulted with adults, seriously bargained.

It was very significant that, communicating with each other in an informal setting, the children made new friends with common interests. The special positive atmosphere of our group allowed each child to evaluate itself in a different way. Some children have increased self-esteem.

All participants of the trip returned to Kazakhstan happy and contented, expanded their horizons, enriched with new knowledge, brought with them bright impressions and many, many oriental gifts.