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Trip to Issyk Lake

Trip to Issyk Lake

The hiking season was in full swing. Many interesting routes and as usual we did not resist. In the old and good school tradition we went hiking. The choice fell on one of the most interesting places of the Trans-Ili Alatau in Issyk Gorge, on Issyk Lake. The lake was formed 10 thousand years ago as a result of a mountain collapse and is located at 1,700 meters above the sea level.

There were lots of lovers of nature – 47 students, 2 teachers and a guide. We determine the date of departure – September 15.

The weather was sunny, the mood was great, and so we did not notice how 2 hours flew on the road. There was no limit to our delight. The incredible beauty of the lake was breathtaking. The clean air, the magnificent landscapes and the emerald color of the water were pleasing to the eye and delighted us. But there were sad moments when our guide told us a sad story about the lightning-like mudflows devastation of the lake and its disappearance. Today Issyk Lake is half the original. It managed to recover by installing a new dam.

It is beautiful here, peace and quiet, so many residents of Almaty come to these places to rest. Rocky ravines stretched around the lake, spread out alpine meadows and dense forests filled with many different representatives of the fauna.

The surroundings of Issyk Lake are just beckoning and bewitching.

This tour has become very interesting and informative for us. It introduced us not only to the fantastic beauty of Issyk Lake, but also to the archaeological monuments of Saka culture, as on the way we visited the State Historical and Cultural Reserve-Museum in the town of Issyk.

The day was a success! Sea of positive energy, solar heat and positive charge. We brought all this with us to the city and shared it with our relatives and friends.