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Public lesson in Knowledge of the World

Public lesson in Knowledge of the World

On October 22, a metasubjective public lesson in Knowledge of the World was held in Class 3B. The topic of the lesson was “Our Constitution”. The lesson was held in the form of a lesson-search, a lesson-game.

The children learned that the Constitution is the Basic Law of the country, what rights and obligations are. They learned to understand the highest values ​​of the country, explain the significance of the Constitution for the citizens of Kazakhstan, as well as correlate the relationship between the rights of the child and the conditions created by the state to ensure them, prove that they are interrelated.

The topic of the lesson was encrypted in Emoji but the children easily deciphered the topic. Each student received the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan into the hands, which he could scroll through, read some articles, the introduction, read the content. The children worked on the principle of “Insert”, created a cluster for their friends, in which they depicted situations describing the rights of children of their age. They also flew in a balloon, as a result of which they had to make a difficult choice on the rights of citizens. They also finished the sentence “I am a citizen because …”

The hometask was to write a letter to the Akim of our city with suggestions for improving the lives of the children in our region.

The children were involved in the process of goal setting, lesson structuring, reflection. During the lesson, a positive emotional background was created, a dialogue exchange of opinions was realized. The students realized the critical perception of the surrounding reality and attempted to model their own actions in certain situations, the students were involved in a situation of self-control and self-assessment.