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On January 17 in 7 “B” class, a teacher of the Kazakh language and literature Danikova A.A. gave a public lesson on the topic “San Alemi” (Fashion World).

At the beginning of the lesson, the teacher created a favorable atmosphere having said kind words and wishes. The students themselves identified a new lesson topic using the semantic links between the questions and the “Choose a position” strategy. Since the problematic topic of the teacher is “The development of colloquial speech through the use of didactic games”, these games for group work were used in almost all stages of the lesson. Interviewing the homework, the teacher used “Two Skullcaps” strategy. The game created a collective rivalry spirit. In order to revise the theme of “Verb tenses”, the teacher used a didactic game with a test simulator.

According to the requirements of the renewed education, throughout the lesson the students independently obtained new knowledge. Pupils themselves found new words. The set of tasks for the text helped the children to work on a new text. They needed to find translations of sentences in the Kazakh text, to title the text, to arrange the paragraphs of the text in order. The online game “Kakhoot” aroused great interest among students. This game contributed to the intensification of attention and interest in working with the new text.

The teacher also held situational role-playing games such as a conversation in the fashion showroom when discussing collections of fashionable clothes and a presentation by the designer of men’s national clothes. These dialogues were advance tasks as an individual homework assignment. After the situational game, each group was able to evaluate the work of the opposite group, using new words on the topic and section.

At the end of the lesson, a formative evaluation of the students’ work was conducted. First, the students themselves rated each other, and then the teacher conducted the assessment. During the lesson, students performed assignments, answered questions, showing good command of the Kazakh language.

The students liked the lesson very much and worked with pleasure. During the lesson such students as Anna Levina, Medina Didarova, Dariya Valieva were noted. Medina Smagulova, Tomiris Ibragimova, Artem Shumakov prepared their advance assignments well.