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Teachers of the department of Kazakh language and literature took active part in the month-long school festival dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As a part of the festival’s celebration, the department held the Week of Rukhani Kazyna from November 25 to November 28. The stand “Seven faces of the Great Steppe” was designed, introducing students to the cultural heritage of the Kazakh people.

November 26 A.G. Zhumagalieva held in 4 “B” class an open lesson on the topic “National Instruments”. The lesson was held at a high professional level, the teacher achieved the educational and cognitive objectives. Students showed a good level of ethnical and cultural knowledge of the Kazakh people.

On November 27, school students got acquainted with a number of videos, united under the common name: “My language is my pride”, which presented interesting material on the work of the masters of the pen F. Ongarsynova, B. Sokpakbaev, S. Seifullin. During the breaks the videos were demonstrated, presenting episodes from the films and excerpts from works of art, which acquainted the students with the rich and beautiful language of the Kazakh people. The students of our lyceum had the opportunity to learn many new facts from the life of prominent poets, who are the pride and national heritage of Kazakh literature.

The final event was the quest game “Made in Kazakhstan”, conducted by teacher A.A. Danikova. The game was attended by students of grades 5-6, participants of the speaking club in the Kazakh language “Tіldesu”. The aim of the game was to develop students’ interest in learning the Kazakh language, ethnic culture of the Kazakh people, through performing by the students of various game tasks, such as: “Find the next station by completing the task”, “Advertise national dishes”, and present the poster on “Prominent people of Kazakhstan” . The competition “Snowball” and questions of the lot auction were very interesting. And the fulfillment of creative homework for the best performance of the songs delighted all the audience. The game was held in the form of a competition between two teams – “Pyrak” and “Zhuldyz”, which, of course, gave the game a spirit of contest and rivalry.

The week was interesting and eventful.