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What day off can be considered successful, happy? Of course, the day spent with benefit, the day when parents with their children are engaged in a common cause. So the children came with their mothers and fathers on January 12 to our school, where they joined an interactive program “Scientific New Year at “Turan Lyceum” school”.

At the main entrance, the organizers of the event, employees of the project «Smart City», met the children participating in this program. The children were divided into 5 teams. According to the scenario, participants had to find New Year’s gifts, get artifacts, determine the antidote and return totem animals. Ahead of the children awaited a fascinating journey into the world of science. In the geological laboratory, the children were acquainted with the features of the search for minerals, learned about the interesting science of paleontology. In the laboratories of chemistry, biology, physics, children were able to work with a microscope, observe chemical reactions and changes in substances, worked on physical puzzles, were involved in biological research. The clear and coordinated work of the organizers helped each child to become a participant in various experiments.

The parents of young researchers were also engaged in a separate “adult” program. They were acquainted with the latest scientific discoveries, answered the quiz questions with interest.

At the end of the program, each participant received an unusual New Year gift – a set for various experiences.

The project left not only a good impression, but also presented a baggage of new knowledge.  Perhaps, for many children, participating in this interactive program will be the beginning of a hobby for some science.