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On December 1, 2019, the International Linguistic Project between the schools of three countries – Kazakhstan, Germany and Ukraine – was launched.

Under the guidance of English teachers of three partnering schools: Makhinur Akhmetova, Christiana Martin and Miss Julia, it was decided to renew partnerships under the Kazakhstan and International Cooperation program.

The team of students of Turan Lyceum, having divided into groups, once again began to communicate with their peers from partner schools.

The last time an online conversation took place three years ago when students tried to discuss the books read together under the Partnership Reading program. In 2016, Lyceum had one partner: a private school from the city of Guttenberg in Germany. Three countries are participating in the current project, which makes the project even more interesting.

The main objective of the project is to develop communication skills and improve the level of the English language through live communication with peers from partnering schools. The priority topics for communication were “My country”, “My city”, “My school” and “My spare time”. In addition to their speech practice, participants gain vast experience in public speaking, presenting their country, and deepen their knowledge of the cultural values ​​of the countries of partner schools.