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On January 31, a joint concert of children from Orphanage No. 1 and students of the lyceum was held at the Turan Lyceum School. The event was in the Lyceum for the first time. The participants of the concert were children of different ages, from toddlers to high school students. Performance on the same stage, the festive atmosphere of the concert, the love of music has u children.

There were beautiful and kind songs about love, peace, friendship at the concert. The concert began with a performance by the guest Evelina Ogly, a student of grade 3 (the song “Astana”). The audience supported her performance with stormy applause. The vocal group of the Aynalayyn Lyceum lit the hall with the song “Hello, happiness!” The youngest participant Tagir Mirzadinov, a student of Class 1 B of Turan Lyceum school (dance “Charlie “) won the hearts of admiring spectators. The senior pupils of the Orphanage No. 1 Aben Almat and Ruslan Kolesnikov surprised the spectators with their virtuoso dombra playing. Elizaveta Sotnikova (Turan Lyceum, 7 A) sang a lyrical song in the Kazakh language about the war, which made everyone wonder what the conflicts between nations can lead to. Third-graders Aziza and Evelina (Orphanage No. 1) performed two songs, Dandelion and Kerek Man-ta-Nura, and gave the holiday a spring mood. And the dance group of the lyceum presented a bright and fiery dance “Pajama party”. The concert ended with a flash mob of pupils of Orphanage №1. The children happily greeted each performance and smiles were on their faces.

After the concert, the lyceum psychologists had interesting games with the participants of the event. During the training, the children prepared creative projects, got to know each other better and became friends. The common cause did not leave anyone indifferent; ended with tea and gifts.

If children are good friends

What do we need more?

So there will be peace in the world.

And it will be very good.