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On November 28, in the framework of the festival “Blossom, my Kazakhstan!” a quest game “Made in Kazakhstan” was held.

The game was attended by students of grades 5-6 – the participants of “Tildesu” speaking club in the Kazakh language, the head of which is the teacher A.A. Danikova

The aim of the game was to develop students’ interest in learning the Kazakh language, ethnical culture of the Kazakh people, consolidating the students’ vocabulary by performing various game tasks: “Find the next station”, “Create an advertisement about national dishes”, “Present the poster “Prominent People of Kazakhstan ” .

The game used active interactive techniques: “Snowball”, “Auction Lot”.  The content of the game was also diverse: the famous brands of goods of Kazakhstan, national traditions and customs, historical and cultural values ​​of Kazakhstan. It fully corresponded to the main goal of the festival: the formation of a sense of patriotism, national pride.

Competitions of two teams: “Pyrak” and “Zhuldyz” gave the game the spirit of contest. Upon completion, the team members received certificates, prizes of the Rakhat confectionery, bauyrsaks, shubat and kumys.

The game unified the participants of Tildesu club, everyone cooperated very friendly and enjoyed the game. The children got a lot of positive emotions.

Conductors of the game, the students of the 9 “B” class, Shahlo Khushvaktova and Altair Musin, are fluent in Kazakh. They were leading their teams throughout the game from station to station, explaining the rules of the tasks in the Kazakh language.

The participants of the game also showed understanding of the tasks, were able to pass all the stations well. Both teams presented their advertisements in a very interesting manner, showed their artistic skills, the ability to speak expressively, to talk to the audience.

Blossom, our Kazakhstan! That’s how the students of our lyceum congratulated the Republic on the upcoming holiday!