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Results of the X International Contest of Children’s Artwork “I Love Drawing …”

Results of the X International Contest of Children's Artwork "I Love Drawing ..."

Year 2018 was a jubilee year for the school “Turan Lyceum”. Tenth year in a row the school hosted the International Contest of Children’s Artwork “I love drawing …” The theme of this year contest was: “The Earth is our home.” Young artists from cities of Russia and Kazakhstan took part in the competition.

In total, 457 young artists took part in the competition, having presented to the jury more than 500 works, which amazed with their diversity. A large number of works of art and craft were presented. The children depicted the beauty of the world around them with a great talent.

Many thanks to the teachers for preparing the participants and winners of the contest! All participants and teachers were awarded with diplomas and certificates. The organizers of the contest will be happy to see the works of young artists next year.