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Reflections of a teacher on what a modern lesson should be, what is the role of a teacher and students in it, forms of organization of their interaction – all this implies an active research position of the teacher in relation to his activity and to himself as its subject. From how the teacher will be today, how much he is willing to change in the conditions of a new approach to learning and understanding how to teach children, how to identify and help realize a student’s inner potential in relation to himself and the outside world, what competencies need to be formed in order to after leaving the school a young man or girl could choose the right way in life and understand its realities.

Teachers are ready for change, they are engaged in self-education, participate in competitions of pedagogical skills, as well as in theoretical and practical seminars, which are held annually on the basis of our school.

A continuation of the theoretical seminar “Meta-subject approach to the structure of the lesson in terms of the updated content of education” (November 11, 2018) was the scientific and practical seminar “Implementation of the meta-subject approach to the structure of the lesson in terms of the updated content of education” ( February 23, 2019)

The program of the seminar includes visiting open lessons, self-analysis of the lesson and group work of teachers on the analysis of the lessons visited. At the end, the teachers shared their thoughts, feelings, and personal results from participating in the seminar: “deepened my knowledge of the metasubject approach”, “changed my mind about the metasubject approach”; “a sense of belonging to the creative environment of teachers working at the school “Turan Lyceum”, “a desire to create in my lessons”; “delight with the skill and activity of teachers wishing to share achievements in the implementation of the meta-subject approach in the lessons”, “learned new techniques and methods, I will use in my practice”, “I became convinced of the need for the meta-subject approach in the lessons”, “I learned that I was moving in the right direction when conducting a meta-subject lesson”, “a logical immersion in meta-subject (theory and practice) allowed us to better understand take new knowledge” and others.


The lesson of generalization and systematization of knowledge in Class 8A on the topic “Symmetry around us” was conducted by Natalia Mikhailovna Subbotina, a mathematics teacher, and Oksana Vladimirovna Akisheva, a biology teacher.

The lesson of the integrated application of knowledge, the lesson of the communicative type in Class 11A on the subject “English around us: learning the language travelling around the world” was conducted by Natalia Nikolaevna Dmitrieva.

The history lesson on the subject “Sakskaya Tsarina Tomiris” was taught by the history teacher Asem Zheniskysy and the Kazakh language and literature teacher Aizhan Satybaldievna Altynbekova.