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On February 26, 2019, a school tour of the city competition for the best business or social project among students in grades 8-11 “Turan-junior-2019” took place.

High school students are increasingly thinking about the direction in which to continue their further education after graduation, how to succeed in their chosen profession, how to ensure their material well-being? David Rockefeller’s words: “Success in business requires training, discipline and hard work. But if it doesn’t scare you, the possibilities today are much greater than ever ”- this is an excellent benchmark in achieving your goals, especially for those children who try their hand at creating social or business projects.

The participants of the competition – members of the club “Search” at Turan Lyceum School- presented 8 works in the following sections:

  • Own business (business startup)
  • Healthy and safe lifestyle
  • New habitat
  • Civil Initiative

Expert Group Members:

The chairman of the expert group is S.К. Islamgulova, the director of Turan school, the professor of Psychology department of Turan University, the doctor of pedagogical sciences

  • Laura Lau – President of Enactus Turan
  • Sabina Shinganova – Vice-President of Enactus Turan
  • Dinara Kozhaeva – vice president of Enactus Turan
  • Dauren Zholdyhojaev – project manager of Enactus Turan


Business startups:

Online simulator “SIGHT INSIGHT” as a tool for earning and developing language skills.

Team of students: Almas Kamalov and Rustem Kamalidenov (Class 10 A), Ruslan Kasenov and Dmitry Vinogradov (Class 11 A).

The supervisor is Natalia Dmitrieva, an English teacher.

Cultivation and sale of oyster mushrooms.

Student of Class 9 B – Laylo Hushvaktova

Supervisor – Oksana Yurievna Akisheva, a biology teacher

Colors in your name.

Pupil of Class 9 A – Edward Vyazmin

Supervisor – Larisa Leonidovna Noskova,  a physics teacher

Alcoholism is a social and public problem.

Pupil of Class 10 A – Mikhail Gorbachev

Supervisor – Lyudmila Grigorievna Stolyar, a chemistry teacher

Healthy and safe lifestyle:

Neourna Dereu.

Pupil of Class 8 A – Naval Kadyrbekova

Supervisor – Dina Rusakova, a school psychologist

New habitat:

Electronic manual – Dictionary for self-study of the topic “Kazakhstan is my Homeland”

Pupil of Class 10 A – Aman Nasimov

Supervisor – Zauresh Ashimovna Ermukhanova, a teacher of the Kazakh language and literature

The site “Excellent” for everyone who wants to know the history of Kazakhstan (schoolchildren, applicants, etc.)

Pupil of Class 10 A – Anastassia Klyakhina

Scientific adviser – Asem Geniskyzy, a history teacher

Civil Initiative:

Safety in the city: people and animals.

Pupil of Class 11 A – Dmitry Bodnar

Supervisor – Oksana Vladimirovna Ivanova, a school psychologist

After the presentation of each project there was a discussion. The questions were asked both by the members of the expert group and the pupils of the school present at the competition. Each project was given an objective assessment, recommendations for adjustments and preparation for the city competition.

Students whose projects were designed for a two-year study period were invited to continue working and submit them to the competition in the next academic year. These are the projects “Electronic manual – Dictionary for independent study of the topic “Kazakhstan is my Homeland” and “Alcoholism is a social and public problem”. The remaining projects were recommended for participation in the competition “Turan-junior-2019”, which will be held in April.

Those who present at the competition wished the students and their teachers VICTORY and only VICTORY in the upcoming city tour!