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Day of Languages of the Peoples of Kazakhstan “Kazakhstan – you are my homeland”

Day of Languages of the Peoples of Kazakhstan "Kazakhstan - you are my homeland"

On September 21, the lyceum hosted the festival “Kazakhstan, you are my Motherland!” It was dedicated to the Day of the Languages ​​of the Peoples of Kazakhstan. The festival was opened by Aisha Meiram, a student of Class 8B, performing a lyric Kazakh kui flute. Pupils of the 8th grades continued the theme of the native land and the native language in the literary-poetic composition “Mother tongue”. Kazakhstan is a multinational state, more than 140 nations and nationalities live here. Lyceum students presented only a small part of the ethnic groups of this large multinational population. Beautiful songs in English “Flashlight” (Kim Anna, 7a), Ukrainian – “You deceived me” (8a and 8b) were performed; fiery national dances of different nations: Kazakh – “Kamazai” (6a and 6b), Uygur – “Toiname” (9a and 9b), Russian – “Valenki” (10a), Korean – “Khvangvanma” (7a and 7b), Georgian – “Acharauli” (11a), Tatar – “Apipa” (5a, 5b, 5c). There were poems in different languages. The festival is over, but will continue in the next academic year. The friendship of all peoples living in Kazakhstan, their common affairs and common holidays is the pledge of a peaceful and happy future of our big house, whose name is Kazakhstan.