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Teacher’s Day

Teacher's Day


On October 5, there were events on Teacher’s Day:

  • doubler’s day;
  • festive concert.

On this day, a festive atmosphere reigned in the school. High school students have taken on the role of teachers. And the teachers only watched how the children coped with their responsibilities.

At two o’clock the festive concert “Thank you, teacher!” dedicated to the Day of Teacher began.

The concert began with greetings in verse (students of 9 A, 5 A and 5B classes). The musical gift was presented by performances of the dance school of the Lyceum (dance “Good mood”); mini-musical “Surprise” was presented by pupils of 9-10 grades; the atmosphere of affection was created by first-graders. Having read poems dedicated to teachers, students of 11 A, Asya Hajiyeva and Tina Ignatieva, delighted the audience with the dance “Schoolgirls”. Lyrical spiritual songs about the teacher were performed by the vocal groups “Voice of Turan” and “Domisolka” and the concert was completed with the flash mob “Popurri” of teachers and  students of the Lyceum. The concert gave a lot of positive emotions to the participants and the audience.