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It is a dream for our children to feel happy as often as possible. And what is needed for this? Perhaps, as often as possible, to experience positive emotions, to create a positive attitude, to enjoy life…

So we decided to arrange family holidays. Why do we call them family? Because most of the children in our school know each other, every child is in the center of pedagogical attention, and therefore the atmosphere resembles a family one.

And also, creating a festive event, we help the children understand that it depends only on them how much joy and fun will be in their lives and that every person is a blacksmith of his own happiness.

On March 1, they celebrated the Day of Spring Mood. The whole school was notified in advance so that there was time to prepare.

The parents of our students took an active part in the development of the author’s concepts and their implementation.

Themed classrooms became a beehive, a nesting box, a flowering garden and etc. Children prepared presentations. The holiday ended with a flash mob.

Joy in the eyes of children and teachers, good mood, a feeling of unity – this is the situation of happiness created by you with your own hands.