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Kyokushinkai Karate Tournament

Kyokushinkai Karate Tournament


On October 14, in the sports complex KazGASA there was an open city Kyokushinkai Karate tournament.

There were more than 200 of the strongest fighters of Almaty.

The honor of the Turan Lyceum was represented by Mia Tsoi and Maxim Tsoi, Daria Belova and Katya Belova, Zakhar Smirov and Daria Smirnova.

Our results:

Maxim Tsoi – 1st place + prize for the best technique.

Daria Belova – 1st place, the most beautiful knockout of the tournament.

Zakhar Smirov and Daria Smirnova – took 3 places in their categories, a little bit did not reach the final.

We congratulate and take great pride in the success of our Karate team, and also express our gratitude to their mentor, sensei Nurken Tulegenovich Yesimov!