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Graduation is one of the most exciting moments of our lives. Behind a carefree childhood, noisy changes, entertaining lessons, extra-curricular school events, cool hours, competitions and Olympiads. An adult and independent life begins. Graduation party is a holiday remembered for a lifetime. This is one of the most colorful, warm and bright holidays in the school.

For our students the graduation party “We congratulate you, graduates!” took place on June 18. Young men in formal suits, girls in ball gowns, beautiful and elegant parents, the leadership of Turan Corporation, teachers and guests gathered in the festively decorated hall of the Lyceum. The celebration began with the solemn graduation ceremony on the main stage of the school. With kind smiles, warm and friendly applause, the guests greeted the unusually beautiful, charming and solemnly excited graduates. Fifteen boys and girls have graduated from school this year. Three of them are holders of the Altyn Belgi badge of honor: Elizabeth Kotova, Asiyat Hajiyeva and Tina Ignatieva. The rector of Turan University, Professor R.A. Alshanov solemnly presented the award. The director of the school, S. Islamgulova, delivered a congratulatory speech as well as the class teacher S.M Klikich and some parents – N.I. Paltusheva and A.S. Vinogradova. The children received musical gifts from the Turan educational corporation: a performance by the Sulu dance studio and a musical composition performed by young musicians on the saxophone and guitar (Yaroslav Fridman and Maxim Ilyushkin).

The ceremony of presenting certificates and Turan Star Medal, letters of thanks to parents was accompanied by a presentation about each school graduate. Later the graduates went out with their parents to present the main awards. School teachers also warmly congratulated the heroes of the occasion, performing the song-wish “Goodbye, graduates!”

Farewell performance of Class 11 A caused a storm of emotions and delight. The children did not leave the stage for a long time singing songs and dancing, hugging each other and prolonging the wonderful minutes of their childhood. That’s how their school will remember it, that’s how their friendly teaching staff of Turan Lyceum will remember it!

Good luck, graduates! You have received one of the most important documents in your life. Today you are taking an adult step in your life. May all your dreams come true! Good luck to you!