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Student’s Day

Student's Day


On October 19, the Lyceum celebrated the important date of the Lyceum Day. The overwhelming majority of people are aware that initially the Day of the Lyceum student in the pre-revolutionary period was celebrated on October 19. A special poem by Pushkin is even dedicated to this date. Today, in contrast to the times of Pushkin, the Day of the Lyceum student is celebrated with a specific cultural program. Turan Lyceum has been establishing the tradition of celebrating the Day of the Lyceum student for 23 years. In the morning, the best students of the lyceum took part in laying flowers to the monument to Alexander Pushkin, recited poems of their favorite poet. After the lessons, a solemn concert and dedication to the lyceum students of newly arrived students took place. Election of the President of the Lyceum Council and inauguration were also timed to this celebration. The whole school gathered in a large and cozy hall of the Turan University for a big holiday concert. The concert named “Bloom, Lyceum, flourish!” began with a performance of the lyceum’s consolidated choir. Leadership of the Educational Turan Corporation attended the concert and the lyceum director S. Islamgulova made a welcoming speech. Young actors of the drama club showed an evolutionary vision of the life of the lyceum in the mini-play named “Lyceum: Past, Present and Future”. The vocal groups such as “Domisolka”, “Ainalaiyn”, “Voice of Turan”, the trio “Lyceum” and Anna Kim’s solo amazed the public.  Grade 11 A presented a dance composition “Potpourri from school life”. The dance studio of the lyceum (students of 1-4, 9th grades) performed several choreographic compositions like “Pajamas party”, “Potpourri”, “Toinama”. The flash mob “Made in Turan” positively completed the concert.

 Our Lyceum, bloom and prosper!

Well, we will get glory to you!

                                                            Do not know any grief or trouble

               On a solemn day and on weekdays.