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The first spring holiday on March 8 in the Lyceum is traditionally devoted to mothers, grandmothers, teachers and girls. Lyceum students are preparing a gala concert with the symbolic name “March drops”, which annually takes place on the big stage of the assembly hall of Turan University.

The hall is decorated, the artists are dressed in concert costumes, the audience has taken their places – everything is prepared for the beginning of the celebration.

Fanfare sounds, the celebration has begun! The presenters (young men of the senior classes) warmly and sincerely congratulated the lovely ladies. The concert was opened by the consolidated choir of students in grades 2–4 (the song “Mama”), and continued by another choir of first-graders (the song “Crazy Spring”), was performed by Tagir Mirzadinov, a pupil of class 1 C. The bright and sweet performance of little singers caused admiration and surprise. At the concert, many heartfelt, funny and favorite songs were performed by vocal groups “Voice of Turan” (song “Dad and Mum”), “Ainalayyn” (song “Classmates”); a trio of boys (the song “At the disco”); Erica Timchenko’s solo, the pupils of class 5 A (song “Love song”), Christina Yurchenko,the student of Class 3C (song “Balls”). The charge of energy was given by the fiery dances of the dance studio “Mozaika dance”; students of Class 11A (dances “Retro”, “Forget-me-not”); students of grades 5,9,11 (dance “Friendship of peoples” and consolidated flash mob (“Schoolgirls” dance). The amazing performance was also presented by young actors of the school drama club. The poems dedicated to women and about women were recited by our talented presenters (Dmitry Vinogradov, Matvey Ivashchenko, students of Class 11A, Altair Musin, Temirali Aldabergenov, the students of Class 8B). The dance and vocal groups solemnly completed the festive concert with the artistic composition “Modern Children”.

The audience applauded loudly, not letting young artists off the stage. The curtain was closed, the hall was empty, but the atmosphere of celebration and warmth filled the heart of everyone who was there.

With the holiday of Beauty, Love and Spring, our dear women!