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“Raising children is the most important area of ​​our life. Our children are future citizens of our country … They will make history. Our children are future fathers and mothers. They will raise their children too. Our children should grow up as wonderful citizens, good fathers and mothers,”wrote A.S. Makarenko.

One of the tasks of the general education system is the formation of moral and sexual education. It plays a significant role in the harmonious development of the younger generation.

February 21, neuropathologist of the Lyceum G.K. Abdildina and the Lyceum Librarian O.G. Kim conducted a conversation with the girls of the 5th grade on moral and sexual education “How girls develop.” The purpose of this conversation was to promote the education of a whole person, able to comply with social and moral norms, to be ready for physiological and psychological changes occurring during puberty.

The conversation was accompanied by a bright and informative presentation that helped convey information to students in a visual, easily perceptible form. The girls gained important knowledge about what physical and psychological changes occur in adolescence. Additionally, issues of general hygiene, the importance of physical exertion and healthy nutrition for the harmonious development of a growing organism were considered.

At the end of the conversation, the girls were given advice: how to search for the necessary information, what books must be read in order to get reliable and complete answers to questions that the teenager is interested in, but not always decided to openly ask parents and teachers.